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Florian Markus

Hello. This is my website. You found it. Please have a look.


In my first semester of my Masters at the Faculty of Architecture at the TUDelft we produced a modular flying pavilion for the Hyperbody sudio. The project was a succes but it's a shame we didn't began a startup! The exercise was to design a pavilion for the 2025 World Expo in Rotterdam so we came up with a system that could serve the whole city instead of providing only some shelter to exibitions in one place. The Omniprecense project would move through Rotterdam and provide service where needed. This is

Bachelor 6 project

For my final bachelor project the task was to design a museum in Rotterdam. From start to finish I have been working with light and space: light for the experience of the art and space for the most extreme requirements of artists. I came up with a roof that produces electricity and diffuse lighting and a space that worked like an harbor dock.


Bridge design

For the Bridge design studio at the TUDelft we designed a concrete and steel bridge that would both make interesting views on top and underneath the bridge.